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Que Sera, Sera
ramblings of a girl
26th-Jun-2009 11:20 pm - May They Live Happily Ever After...

Today I went to my best friend's wedding and it was beautiful.  She looked so beautiful and you can tell they both wanted to spend their lives together.   I love how it was an outside wedding except for the fact that it was really hot, but what do you expect for living in a desert lol

Anyways I want to say that I'm so proud and happy for her and may they live Happily Ever After

18th-Jun-2009 04:01 pm - I don't know what to feel...

So I'm looking at my facebook account I just found out that a guy that I have been crushing on for a year now is in a relationship with my friend... The worst part is that I never knew!  I don't know what to feel... should I be upset , sad , or happy for them since it is my friend.  I just don't know.  You know what... whatever.  I'm a firm believer of things happening for a reason.  May it work out for them.  I know I'll find someone better.
13th-Jun-2009 04:53 pm - Gackt-sama

My friend sent me this and I just couldn't help from rofl.  Don't all Gackt fan's feel this way even the annoying ones.  Whoever did this, did an awesome job portraying this lol

On a side note I'm going to have to step away from my dbsk and rain fandoms just on the mere fact that the fans are getting on my nerves.
My layout needs a change too its been ages since i've changed it. orz... at least the header no?
(Edit: Thanks to karadin I would like to give a kudos to pixiezdust for image above definitely one of my faves lol)
5th-Apr-2009 09:53 pm(no subject)

So I didn't post all of March, yeah... in a nut shell I turned another year older, still single, in school, and met up with old friends.

Now its April and school is almost over which has me a bit nervous and excited.  I won't lie.
I am happy that I finally got my sister moving a bit with her school career.  I wish she was more ambitious about her life and believes in herself.  I'm a realistic ambitious person so I try to live every moment trying to improve myself mentally.  So now I want to improve myself health wise as well as socially.

Because of school and the life I have lived up to now I've always been antisocial (when it comes to outside of school).  I know that sounds stupid but my goal this new year was to be more social and to keep in touch with those friends who I consider more like family ^__^

Well I'm off to finish homework that's due tomorrow so take care you all.
Don't forget to go for your dreams, do your best, and believe in yourself!
4th-Mar-2009 01:27 pm - Se7en MV Teaser for US Album

Looks good to me what do you guys think?

24th-Feb-2009 12:56 pm - My Queen Drama
I have become such a huge fan of the drama My Queen.   I love both of the main characters and the story so far is so good.  A
I guess the reason for me liking it so much is because I can relate in a way to her personality and how in the future I might be in her shoes 
I hope not but you never know.  So go check this out it gets so good after the 2nd episode!
16th-Feb-2009 06:53 pm - Exams....orz

Have exams everyday this week...argh I feel like as if I'm in finals. 
I hope all this effort pays off in the end.  I believe so anyway.
I can do it!

14th-Feb-2009 07:46 am - Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Even if your single spend it with the people who love you and care for you.  Go show them your love!
Eat some sweets and give a big HUG to the one(s) you love OK!

31st-Jan-2009 08:48 pm - WTF!

I want to know why Asian music artist and companies treat their international fans for lack of a better words... like crap!
Yes you heard me like CRAP. You are probably asking why I'm saying this and are perhaps a bit peeved that I am, but after I make my accusing statements perhaps you too will agree with me or consider it food for thought!

Now I believe myself to be a true international fan (meaning a fan outside of Asia) and I find it perplexing how they don't take us into consideration.  It seems that they always have to make it harder for us or they have to completely ignore us whenever WE try to meet, buy, or watch our fandom(s). 
  • I mean if you want to know an example of what a true fan is... I think you have to consider us pretty much it or close to it.  For many of us we don't understand the language yet obviously we don't care because we truly like them for their music and talent.  We always have to wait until some kind soul out there translates whatever they are saying yet even if they didn't we would still love them.

  • It always cost us way more money to buy the very limited merchandise out there and you have to admit it we get raped with the shipping fees and importation taxes. 

  • If we try to watch them on streaming sites after the hard work of fansubbers (who have lives by the way) they tell them to stop it because they won't make money! Come on now if it wasn't because of that 90% of wouldn't know who the F@#% they were. 

  • At award ceremonies they always thank the fans of Asia (duh yes they are Asian so obviously they would). Still you can't deny that we help them bring the bacon home too you know.  Why can't they just say thank you to all the fans and not name specific locations

  • They never consider doing international fanclubs that are truly international  Meaning using the business world's international language FYI English. Like it or not people its the official international language.  You know they always don't do it and you have to rely on other fans (who do know the language) to give how to do instructions.... but wait navigating and talking with other fans is made difficult too.  There is also the case that IF they do have an English version its only basic information (which you already know) and missing the cool extras like for example personal blog entries. 

  • International fanclub membership translate again to Asia only... and if you do manage to by pass it they charge an arm and a leg for sending you stuff
So there are some of the few points out of the many more that I know I could bring up but don't because this post is already too long than I'm use to writing.  If you are wondering what brought this rant on... it was primarily me being fed up with the injustice.   Yet even though many and I out there are ignored as fans... we still continue to support them, cheer for them, and love them.  Yes, you have to admit its pretty twisted.
23rd-Jan-2009 12:21 am - Back to School.

Well I'm back in school and doing pre-pharmacy. lol
I managed to survive my first week back after a semester break and I'm actually quite excited about it.  Its going to be a long and a bit of a bumpy ride but I know I can do it.
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